Coffee Sant'Angelo Tris Mix 6Kg


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Caffè Sant'Angelo Tris Mix  6 packages - 6Kg

Aroma Intenso

Mixture of: 30% Arabica 70% Robusta

Crema pregiata

Mixture of: 80% Arabica 20% Robusta

Crema bar

Mixture of: 50% Arabica 50% Robusta 

Characteristics: Whole bean

Made in the traditional roasting process

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Caffè Sant'Angelo Tris Mix  6 packages - 6Kg

Caffè Sant'Angelo Crema Bar

The Crema Bar blend is the best selling coffee from the Sant'Angelo line. Its lovers like the soft velvety taste with a long lasting crema. A typical full-bodied espresso with nutty, chocolaty aromas. Here the beans come from India, Brazil and Guatemala.

Caffè Sant'Angelo Crema Pregiata

In this blend, the darker roast provides an intensive taste experience. The coffee is full-bodied and has notes of nut and chocolate. Thanks to the Robusta content it has a nice crema. The Arabica part on the other hand brings the necessary acidity, which is not unpleasant. The countries of origin of the beans are India, Brazil, Guatemala and Ethiopia.

Caffè Sant'Angelo Aroma Intenso

This blend is for those who are looking for a strong coffee, full-bodied and with a bitter aftertaste. Slightly bitter and chocolaty. The beans come from Vietnam, India and Brazil.