Coffee Danesi Brasileiro & Doppio Mix 6Kg


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Coffee Danesi Brasileiro & Doppio Mix 6 Pakete - 6Kg

3 pcs. Danesi Gran Bar Brasileiro

3 pcs. Danesi Doppio

Characteristics: Whole bean

Produced in the traditional roasting process

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Coffee Danesi Brasileiro & Doppio Mix 6 Pakete - 6Kg

Caffè Danesi Doppio
Danesi Doppio is a noble product with a balanced balance of acidic, bitter, full-bodied and aromatic notes. The coffee varieties come from Latin America, Ethiopia and South India. The light roasting produces a golden yellow crema, an intense floral bouquet with delicate fruity notes, a mild cocoa and caramel taste and a velvety soft consistency. 

Caffè Danesi Gran Bar Brasileiro 
The exceptionally high proportion of Robusta coffee gives Danesi Gran Bar its unmistakable taste. This unfolds full-bodied and voluminous on the palate. Clearly intensive chocolate notes can be perceived. In addition, this exquisite, typically Italian coffee is characterized by its wonderful crema. Strong, earthy, little acid. The beans come from Brazil, Ethiopia and the African highlands.