Coffee Danesi DECAF & Doppio Mix 6Kg


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Coffee Danesi DECAF & Doppio Mix 6 packets - 6Kg

3 pcs. Danesi Naturally DECAF Decaffeinated

3 pcs. Danesi Doppio

Characteristics: Whole bean

Produced in the traditional roasting process

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Coffee Danesi DECAF & Doppio Mix 6 packets - 6Kg

Caffè Danesi Doppio
Danesi Doppio is a noble product with a balanced balance of acidic, bitter, full-bodied and aromatic notes. The coffee varieties come from Latin America, Ethiopia and South India. The light roasting produces a golden yellow crema, an intense floral bouquet with delicate fruity notes, a mild cocoa and caramel taste and a velvety soft consistency. 

Caffè Danesi Naturally DECAF Decaffeinated
This decaffeinated blend has the same quality and taste of the real Italian espresso, but with less caffeine. It has a rich taste in perfect balance with moderate acidity and full aroma. Caffeine content less than 0.07%.